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Medsys is certified to ISO9001 (2008) & ISO 13485 (2012)

Réalisé en collaboration avec l’Agence wallonne à l’Exportation (AWEX) AWEX - Walloon Export Agency


Medsys - Products



Product management, customer support and production planning are closely linked at Medsys to allow a rapid and effective reponsiveness to customers' needs.

Camille Constant, manager of these operations, has served for 20 years with Manufacture Belge de Gembloux (SIMAL), a major manufacturer of surgical instruments (pioneer in the development of titanium instruments), supplier of orthopaedic and cardio-vascular devices, manufacturer of hospital sterilisation and furniture equipment. Subsequently, he operated with CooperSurgical Inc., European headquarters, as customer support to the European distributor network; he founded ElectroSurgical, a manufacturer of electrosurgical electrodes, acquired by Medsys in 1999.

Medsys' dynamic product operation has lead to Customer Satisfaction and a regular increase in turnover over the last 5 years.