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The new vision in surgery







Medsys is certified to ISO9001 (2008) & ISO 13485 (2012)

Réalisé en collaboration avec l’Agence wallonne à l’Exportation (AWEX) AWEX - Walloon Export Agency


Medsys - About Us - Mission


  • Medsys contributes through innovation and quality to the effectivity and the safety of the patient’s treatment.
  • The relationship between MEDSYS and its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders aims for a long-term partnership.
  • Medsys is a real partner for its customers, adding value by providing solutions and services in the field of surgical devices.
  • Medsys believes in the strength and the creativity of its employees and in their ability to realize excellent performance as an individual and in team. Each Medsys employee has a responsibility for improving customer satisfaction.
  • Medsys commits to adapt its processes to reduce time to market and to eliminate non-compliance.
  • Medsys selects and supports suppliers delivering superior goods and services.
  • Medsys appreciates the financial investments made by its shareholders to provide the appropriate means enabling the company to build and develop the business.
  • Strong entrepreneurship and customer centricity have enabled the Medsys team to turn good ideas into medical devices used internationally.