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The new vision in surgery







Medsys is certified to ISO9001 (2008) & ISO 13485 (2012)

Réalisé en collaboration avec l’Agence wallonne à l’Exportation (AWEX) AWEX - Walloon Export Agency




Medsys was founded in 1993 by Xavier Moreels as exclusive representative of BEI Inc. (Nasdaq) for Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA).

Medsys became a well known specialist in Surgical Instruments for gynaecology and, in 1999, the company acquired ElectroSurgical (a manufacturer of electro surgical devices). This new team was capable of developing several innovative surgical devices and tools (Pr. Dequesne Lap Loop, Donnez Uterine Manipulator,...) both in stainless steel and in titanium.

Early 2002 the first prototype of Lapman® was developed as a result of a partnership between Medsys and leading laparoscopic surgeons. Lapman® was continuously upgraded after intensive testing during clinical trials at university institutions. Lapman® received FDA clearance in August 2003 and quotes with regulatory and quality standards.

Medsys raised venture capital in August 2005 from venture capital funds allowing the company to take the next leap towards global introduction of Lapman® and build out a consistent robotics and surgical instruments program.